I got a key/ chain charm. I couldn't afford any LV one but I found a Kate Spade jingle bell key chain on the bay that is cute and looks great on the bag. louis vuitton bags,

I think petite noe is ageless! It's so nice of you to think about buying her a petite Noe!! I think any person of any age could rock the bag,....IMHO I would get her perhaps a different color, if you wish, so that it doesn't look "copied" you know what I mean. It will be cute! louis vuitton luggage


I would just save the money. I love my dignity more then Lv bags louis vuitton purse

,An infini artsy? louis vuitton bag,I thought about buying this when I recently saw it on Ebay! love it! you`re so lucky! louis vuitton shop,Very cute. Love it. lv bag,

Yes! Last weekend i went to the mall and i saw no less than 10 people using Neverful......-_-||| i got tired of i stoped after 10.... lv bag


Congrats! It still looks in pristine condition. I'm jealous louis vuitton outlet